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In the urban wilderness of Paris, an oasis of calm and curved concrete.

Though it might be gray outside, it’s perennially sunny in Aquazena. “It’s the first feng shui swimming pool in France, perhaps even in the world,” explains Simon Despouys, the director of the public swimming pool. Visitors may feel they have entered a parallel dimension when they arrive at the center in Issyles-Moulin-eaux, just outside of Paris: There are almost no right angles in the entire building, and its concrete walls have been tinted a shade of blue reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea. Its architects, Selma and Salwa Mikou, made every effort to invite natural light into the building; rounded windows recessed into the walls and ceilings amplify the sun’s rays, which splash across swimmers and overhanging palm trees. Absent is the suffocating smell of chlorine (the water is ozone-treated), making the swimming, cardio practice or sauna experience one of clarity and brightness. “We also have a hammam, two squash courts and a tank featuring fish exclusively from Lake Malawi,” adds Despouys.

Piscine Aquazena
140-144 Prom. du Verger
92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

  • Words:
    Haydée Touitou
  • Photography:
    Helene Binet and Kira Bunse
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