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A wine bar doyenne instructs on how to throw a party fit for Bacchus in your own home.

harlotte Wilde knows the pleasurable sway that wine can exert over an evening. She established her credentials as a founding member of East London hot spot Sager + Wilde and with her latest venture—a multipurpose creative space called Darling—she is continuing to influence how we consume fine wine. Here, Wilde shares her secrets for hosting a gathering that hits all the right notes.

What are the basic requirements for hosting a successful drinks party? It’s important to have excellent glassware and to make sure that the wines are at the right temperature. And it’s nice before people arrive to open all the bottles and taste them to make sure they’re in good condition. Often wines need to be decanted a couple of hours before, so it’s good to get that done in advance so that everything’s ready to go.

  • Words:
    Pip Usher
  • Photography:
    Dan Smith

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