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First there were two. Then there were three, four, or however many partners a shared Google Calendar could schedule. But what does intimacy look like for the growing number of couples who choose to open up to sexual, or even romantic, relationships with others? Stephanie d’Arc Taylor goes fishing in the brave new world of nonmonogamy and discovers that with great freedom comes great responsibility, and a whole lot of talking.

Intimate relationships as our grandparents knew them, whether platonic, romantic or purely sexual, don’t work anymore. A quest for efficiency has powered society’s economic miracles since the Industrial Revolution, but the accelerated, relentless 20th-century streamlining of our lives also made us too busy for everyone but our nearest and dearest, and sometimes even for them. In recent decades, marriage rates in rich countries have plummeted; having grown up in a milieu of unhappy marriages, young people are increasingly saying “I

  • Words:
    Stephanie d’Arc Taylor

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