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Selecting glassware is a small but significant task.

Size, shape and texture work together and affect the drinking experience. To preserve the bubbles, highballs made with tonics or sodas are best served in narrow glasses like the Level glasses (top) designed by Ctrlzak for Luisaviaroma. Elsewhere, cordial glasses—known as pony glasses—are used for serving digestifs, specifically after-dinner liqueurs to sip as the evening winds down. Even in its smallest iteration, Ultima Thule glassware by Iittala in collaboration with Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala (middle), is one of the most iconic. Finally, glass artist František Vízner and Czech brand Bomma have modernized the champagne bowl (bottom)—the vessel of choice for French nobility who, instead of savoring champagne, treated it more like a shot of whiskey.

  • Words:
    Molly Mandell
  • Photography:
    Rune Buch
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