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On an industrial estate near Mumbai’s airport, a team of international architects and designers have found a way of alchemizing the city’s chaotic spirit into something crisp, context-driven and beautiful.

Mumbai is a city that requires some measure of humor to survive. It’s a place that fills you with optimism and the sense that you are in a rising part of the world, but it’s also bursting with frustrations and creative subversions of the law. It has a brand of maddening chaos all its own.

“If you can’t accept and adapt and go with that flow, you are constantly going to be frustrated, ” says Samuel Barclay, an American architect. We’re sitting in the Case Design studio, an architecture and design practice he founded, inside an industrial complex in north Mumbai, beside a factory producing auto parts and a workshop making plastic cups.

  • Words:
    Mansi Choksi
  • Photography:
    Ariel Huber

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