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The weekend home of interior designer Emmanuel Picault and architect Ludwig Godefroy in Santa Catarina is an hour's drive to the south of Mexico City, a mid-century modernist bungalow overlooking tree-clad mountains.

Interior designer Emmanuel Picault and architect Ludwig Godefroy built their weekend home in Santa Catarina, Mexico six years ago, using the modernist style as a starting point but also drawing on other sources such as Le Corbusier, the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Petra and the Aztec temples of ancient Mexico.

The house is completely open to the elements. It only has one door that can be locked, the main entrance from the street. There are no other doors or windows. The indoors blends in marvelously with the outdoors, compelling you to take in the majestic scenery all around the house.

This photo essay is an excerpt from the book Close To Nature: Inspiring Houses off the Road by Mirjam Bleeker and Frank Visser, published by Luster Publishing.

  • Photography:
    Mirjam Bleeker
  • Styling:
    Frank Visser
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