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Inside a Rationalist architect’s former studio.

Franco Albini began his career as a furniture designer in the early 1930s and went on to become a leading figure of 20th-century Italian Rationalism. His portfolio is representative of Ernesto Roger’s conception of architecture as ranging “from the spoon to the city”; as well as furniture, Albini worked on major projects including Rome’s granite and red marble-coated Rinascente retail space and several Milanese metro stations. In 2007, Albini’s son and niece opened Fondazione Franco Albini, housed in the architect’s former office, where guided tours allow visitors to browse through project sketches, photographs and design pieces.

Fondazione Franco Albini
Via Bernardino Telesio 13
20145 Milano

  • Words:
    Gabriele Dellisanti
  • Words:
    Gabriele Dellisanti
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