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Good eyewear casts a long shadow. Produced in partnership with Lindberg.

What does it mean for a pair of glasses to “frame” the face”? A stylist would answer this question pragmatically; a strong jaw line should be complimented by a strong brow line; round faces work best with even rounder frames. In collaboration with Lindberg, Kinfolk’s creative team and London-based fashion illustrator Rosie McGuinness have been experimenting with a more playful means of finding the perfect fit.

Layering illustrations with Lindberg’s tailor-made, screw-free eyewear, these five compositions were shot in the long morning light of our Copenhagen gallery.

  • Words:
    Harriet Fitch Little
  • Illustrations:
    Rosie McGuinness
  • Photography:
    Staffan Sundström
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