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Kinfolk’s contributing editor Hans Ulrich Obrist has turned curatorial work into a work of art in itself. Beyond his role as artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries, Obrist is a powerful figure on the exhibition circuit and has racked up thousands of hours’ worth of interviews with artists along the way.

An admirable quality in others: Generosity
A good book: Journey to Mount Tamalpais by Etel Adnan Your usual breakfast: Porridge
An underrated thinker: Édouard Glissant
A good habit of yours: Exercise
A bad habit: Coffee
A minor regret: Death is a dull fact, as Leon Golub once said Your private refuge: Sils Maria, Switzerland
A necessary fiction: Robert Walser’s Gazette Parisienne
Your hidden talent: Doodling
An outmoded fashion you appreciate: Handwriting

  • Illustration:
    Chidy Wayne
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