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It’s one of design’s chicken-and-egg questions: Is current home design changing the way we live, or is the way we live changing current home design? Ilse Crawford is one of Britain’s most well-respected interior designers and centers her outlook around human relationships, and Hugo Macdonald is the former design editor of Monocle and is currently writing a book for The School of Life called How to Live in the City. After reading the previous excerpt from Avi Friedman’s A View From the Porch, we sat down with the interior design denizens behind StudioIlse to discuss some of the book’s fundamental themes.

How can we change the design of our homes to encourage us to slow down?

Ilse: Essentially, I think the process is two-pronged: On the one hand, a lot more thinking needs to go into physical space to make it friction-free. As designers, we need to think about it beforehand so it’s almost intuitive once it reaches the user—all that planning and intelligence is implicit. At StudioIlse, we talk about making physical space more like the physical embodiment of human behavior—when we work on homes, we spend a lot of time looking, listening and

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