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In The Kinfolk Home, Jack Dahl and Kristoffer Sakurai take readers inside their elegant home in Copenhagen’s historic Frederiksstaden neighborhood.

Copenhagen’s Frederiksstaden district is home to many of the city’s most archetypal sights, including picturesque alleys, seaside parks and the home of the royal family. Art director Jack Dahl and Kristoffer Sakurai, who manages Valentino Copenhagen, chose to build their life in this neighborhood because of its accessibility to the vibrant local culture—and the 18th-century home they found that sits at the center of it. “We love it here: It feels like living in Copenhagen, London, Moscow and Paris all at the same time,” Jack says. With an abundance of activity outside their front door, the couple designed the interior of their apartment to reflect a quieter and humbler pace of life. Jack is the founder of Homework, a studio specialising in brand expression and communication, and the duo found inspiration in the company’s manifesto: “Simplifying so the essential can shine.”

They rely mostly on shades of gray and simple sleek lines to achieve this aesthetic, “but we always add a personal twist, or a little je ne sais quoi,” Jack says. Simplicity became the foundation for the renovation, and from there they removed some of the walls to give it a more modern, spacious feel and used minimalist decor to make elegant shapes. The light that filters in through the windows creates a shifting backdrop throughout the day and is one of their favorite natural features because it gives the apartment depth without having to add overpowering furnishings. Jack and Kristoffer have added a few personal pieces and idiosyncratic details to the unembellished space, including the large collection of artwork and books they keep around for visual nourishment. “They constantly tempt us with procrastination, adventure, inspiration, admiration and desire,” Kristoffer says. They both read a lot: Kristoffer enjoys historical literature, whereas Jack is more into art, fashion and interior books, as well as monographs and magazines. Aside from the couple’s library, their most prized possession is without a doubt their dog, Jackson: Since adopting the pup, the couple has experienced an even greater influx of love and comfort within their home. “It’s family,” Jack says.

This story appeared in The Kinfolk Home in 2015. 

  • Words:
    Alica Forneret
  • Photography:
    Simon Watson

"We love it here: It feels like living in Copenhagen, London, Moscow and Paris all at the same time."

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