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Kinfolk’s contributing editor Margot Henderson cooks for between 30 and 200 people every day at her London restaurant, Rochelle Canteen. An influential chef, she’s also a firebrand who manages to find small pleasures in peeling onions, the time to write cookbooks and enough energy to raise a family and still dance into the early hours.

Your usual breakfast: A flat white and Marmite on sourdough toast The best compliment you’ve ever received: When Marina O’Loughlin reviewed Rochelle Canteen in The Observer, she wrote that my restaurant “wears its fabulousness lightly”
A meal you make when you eat alone: Miso and brown rice
A good book: Strange Weather in Tokyo by Hiromi Kawakami
A boring task that you secretly enjoy: Peeling onions
A comfort food: Pasta with tomato sauce
Your private refuge: My garden
An essential film: Marco Ferreri’s La Grande Bouffe
A necessary fiction: That I’m a cab driver (I drive a black cab)
Values you’ve passed on to your children: To work hard and afterward, to sit around the table with friends and family and enjoy a good meal A good habit of yours: I stay up late dancing
A bad habit: I stay up late dancing!

  • Words:
    Margot Henderson
  • Illustration:
    Chidy Wayne
  • Words:
    Margot Henderson
  • Illustration:
    Chidy Wayne
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