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A photo essay by Parisian photographer Romain Laprade, depicting the overlooked plant life of the French capital.

Nature has always been an essential subject for photographer Romain Laprade. Growing up in the French countryside, he found sources of inspiration in the landscape that surrounded him. When he moved to Paris, he explored many new subjects that caught his interest. But one—architecture—was especially compelling.

Now, accompanying a photo essay that combines nature and architecture, Laprade says: “I’m drawn to plants in offices and buildings because nobody cares about them. The plants provide a contrast to the sturdy aesthetics of architecture. While the plants are no more important than the environment in which they are present, I want to portray them as the focal object of the image—shooting portraits of plants.”

Romain Laprade is a French photographer, based in Paris. Click here to see more of his work.

  • Photography:
    Romain Laprade
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