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HaaT: Makiko Minagawa

In partnership with HaaT, creative director Makiko Minagawa talks tradition, textiles and a half-century of collaborating with Issey Miyake.

wears a top by Beaufille and earrings from Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection. Samara wears a sweater and tank top by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Close Enough

An illustration of the struggle to maintain personal boundaries in public spaces.


At Work With: Ormaie

Can you bottle a family memory, and would anybody else want to smell it if you could? Annick Weber meets the mother-and-son duo intent on finding out.

Photograph: Jackie Collins, 1964. © Pierluigi Praturlon/Reporters Associati & Archivi/Mondadori Portfolio/Bridgeman Images

Archive: Jackie Collins

Sex “sold” for Jackie Collins, but it was the emotional honesty of her writing that kept readers hooked for almost half a century.

Fox wears a shirt by Sies Marjan, trousers by COS and a vintage Yves Saint Laurent belt.

Amaryllis Fox

What happens when a precociously talented undercover CIA officer turns her mind to peace?


Rising Stars

Writer Debika Ray charts astrology’s cosmic journey back into the popular consciousness.

Photograph: Bea Feitler and Ruth Ansel, New York (c. 1965) by Richard Avedon. © The Richard Avedon Foundation.

Bea & Ruth

How two young assistants ascended to one of the top spots in magazine design.

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