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Internet culture and the conflict-hungry media have reinforced generational stereotypes: Millennials love avocadoes, Baby Boomers love moaning about Millennials and Gen Zers are either revolutionary activists or phone addicts with goldfish memories—it depends who you ask. But can a group of people born within a few decades of each other truly have a common cause? Ana Kinsella digs deep into the archaeology of age groups, and discovers a system of tribal allegiance that is more about what you’re not than what you are.

Millennials find humor in the way their parents use the internet. Note the recent success of “A group where we all pretend to be boomers”—a Facebook group with almost 300, 000 members—where millennials derive pleasure from posting like their elders do. Sample post: Stare At A Sunset And Ask “How Can Anyone Not Believe In God???” Sample comment on that post: This is what I keep telling Karen! Clearly, there’s a rich seam of comedy to be found in the

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    Ana Kinsella

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