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Hey lovelies! Are you interested in an incredible business opportunity that gives you the ability to work from home? For decades now, network marketing companies have been dangling the promise of a rocketing income, flexible schedule and aspirational lifestyle in front of people desperate for a lucky break. But what happens when the dream of direct sales starts to look more like a nightmare? Debika Ray investigates.

“I was in a religious cult in my youth—so I quickly recognized the feeling, ” says Charlotte over a confidential internet call from Australia. She does not want to divulge her full name because, she says, the subjects of this discussion are highly litigious. Charlotte is part of the Anti-MLM Coalition—a group of activists striving to educate people about multi-level marketing. Also known as network marketing, multi-level marketing is a business model—popularized by the likes of Avon and Tupperware in

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    Debika Ray

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