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A seat for all seasons, in partnership with Fritz Hansen.

Like fashion, chairs can be sumptuous or simple, whimsical or practical, a frill or a necessity. Both balance multiple concerns—design, construction and comfort—and serve as a testament to personal taste. To celebrate the arrival of the Fred lounge chair—a collaboration between Danish furniture design house Fritz Hansen and Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon—Kinfolk’s creative team explores the relationship between our clothes and the most used and useful chair in the home: The one where we sit and put on shoes in the morning, lay a freshly-pressed outfit for the day ahead, or—perhaps more often than we’d care to admit—use as a catch-all for clothes that are not quite dirty but not quite clean.

  • Words:
    John Clifford Burns
  • Photography:
    Sarah Blais
  • Styling:
    Monika Tatalovic
  • Model:
    Asta Stensson
  • Photo Assistant:
    Frederik Ravn Rønne Kastrupsen
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