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A masterpiece of Art Deco.

Nestled in Milan’s central Porta Monforte and surrounded by lush evergreens, this four-story villa is a jewel of 1930s art-deco, built and designed for Milan’s high bourgeoisie by architect Piero Portaluppi, who was granted an unlimited budget. While the villa’s rather austere exterior conforms largely to the diktats of Italian Rationalism, the interiors are fitted with rich materials and furnishings. The glass-walled veranda, furnished with Portaluppi-designed green velvet seating, and the spacious bathrooms, tiled with grey orobico marble and fitted with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, are in themselves enough to make a visit worthwhile.

Villa Necchi Campiglio
Via Mozart 14
20122 Milano

  • Words:
    Gabriele Dellisanti
  • Words:
    Gabriele Dellisanti
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