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In an industry distracted by just-so austerity and asceticism, Dimore Studio designers Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci are waving a flag for indulgence. As soul mates, business partners and muses to one another, the daily working relationship between Moran and Salci is much like their interiors: intimate, unconventional and often quite dramatic.

Britt Moran has a problem with clutter. Unlike most interior designers’ modish obsession with minimalism, however, the co-founder of Dimore Studio finds every corner of the crimson-walled home that he shares with his creative partner, Emiliano Salci, jammed full of pretty things. “I was thinking the other day how I constantly order books. I have books coming every other day, ” he sighs. “I can’t possibly put another book anywhere. It’s the same with objects and small trinkets. Maybe it’s

  • Words:
    Pip Usher
  • Photography:
    Danilo Scarpati

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